Within these pages, Erica Loberg masterfully crafts poetry for the modern reader dealing with real life issues, while John Brusseau brings to life the symbolic meaning unconsciously embedded in Erica’s poetry through psychological analysis. This is open and honest poetry that draws you in with Erica’s undeterred pursuit for truth and understanding. This is poetry. It is hopeful; it is shocking; and it is significant. This is analysis. You will feel the impact of insight blooming in your mind. This is SCREAMING AT THE VOID.

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Radio interview conducted by WOCA The Source Radio on Erica Loberg and John Brusseau, co-authors of 2016 IPPY gold medal winning book, Screaming At The Void.

From the Publishers at Depth Of View Publishing,

Our intention and stated purpose are to offer our readers shockingly significant insight. Insight is seeing something in its context. We do not wish to merely present readers with a clear picture of the human condition, we want to include the insight required to benefit from a clear picture.

So, for example, when publishing a book on the Book of Revelation or the Mahabharata, we do not set out to merely offer a literal (or a dogma-centered) breakdown of these texts. Instead, we comb through the symbolic layer of meaning upon which these texts are constructed in order to reveal the insight within these texts.

The same is true of works of poetry. We do not merely print up a poet’s work. We surround their poems with analysis so that the reader is able to fully understand and bond with the poet through their writing. This approach delivers insight not only into the poet’s mind but also into the human condition, which is precisely what is of value in an artist’s work.

Depth Of View Publishing is all about presenting works that offer you a practical understanding of the human condition. We have no intention of merely offering you a rote-learning set of facts. This means that we intend for the reading of our books to change your life. We want to supply you with the insight you need to become you — the real you.