Dream Study Group

Posted by John Brusseau on September 25, 2016 . 0 Comments

Our new Dream Study Group is launching now to explore the world of dreams.

This is a place for you to sit in on the analysis of dreams by John Brusseau (co-author of Screaming At The Void, with four decades of experience doing Dreamwork); and learn from firsthand experience how to do Dreamwork yourself.

Here, you can post your own dreams, or observe the dreams of others being analyzed. You will be able to ask questions about dreams and the human unconscious mind - the aspect of us that generates dream content. 

This a place of insight into the human condition; where you can find published materials on dreams and psychology.

Come on in and look around. Scan through the links of dreams John Brusseau has analyzed on Quora, or post one of your own to be analyzed here.

Anyone can post here. Don't be timid. This is your place to become comfortable with Dreamwork.

We can't wait to explore the world of dreams with you!

(Image art credit: Wallpaper Dreams by dota15. Original work found here. No changes made.)


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