What is Spirituality?

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We equate spirituality with the life that is born to harmony (unity)—things such as a loving soul, contentment, etc.—but essentially spirituality is harmony. 

This implies some interesting things:
►Our species once had this harmony and lost it; and thus, we remember it now as a sense of what we might experience if we somehow become restored to our true nature.

►The reason we lost harmony with the world around us is because we lost harmony within ourselves. We lost the harmony:

  • Between our spirit and ego/cognitive mind
  • Between our Will and our conscience
  • Between our desires and our emotions
  • Between our reason and our intuition, etc.
And the reason we lost harmony within us is because we lost harmony with love – the fixed, unchanging essence of all things.
    It is important to understand what we humans have in place of spirituality/harmony. We have polarization:
    • We identify with our ego/cognitive mind and are alienated from our spiritual self (which we experience as our unconscious mind).
    • We identify with either our emotions or our instinctual desires, and we remain distant from the other.
    • We identify with either our Will or our conscience and remain aloof from the other.
    • We identify with either our reason or our intuition and suppress the other.

    Because we are polarized in this fashion, when we think to move toward spirituality we will then tend to use the aspects of us we currently identify with in order to arrive at this state of spirituality. And in doing this we will only manage to perpetuate our present disharmonious/unspiritual state.

    We will cling to our ego and suppress our spiritual self (the unconscious mind in us). All of our spiritual paths will simply be devoid of any spiritual power, spiritual life. It will be the mere embrace of dogma—the perpetuation of other people’s religious/philosophical ideas, and the meaningless clinging to rituals, which do truly have a spiritual essence to them but remain out of our ego’s reach altogether.

    So what can help us in this deplorable situation?

    Well, as long as we initiate our own restoration, we will only perpetuate our brokenness. So, what we must do is simply respond to the call of the spiritual within us. And this call will always manifest as us going on a quest for what we lack.

    Most will never understand the importance of a quest. They will hear someone discussing it and think it too vague. But it is the vagueness that renders the quest a path to spiritual life. As long as our ego/cognitive mind knows where we are going, it will dominate the pursuit of what we are after and doom it to failure.

    A quest is an adventure in which the exact destination and the path to it remain unknown to us. We may well suspect it is “over there, in that general direction,” but even this will often turn out to be wrong. So we must venture forth in hope.

    Finally, one must humble himself/herself (which our highly insecure ego will resist mightily) in order to go on a significant quest. One must first admit that they do not have what they need in order to go on a quest for what they need. This is the point at which the vast majority of humans get hung up. They cannot understand that the price they will have to pay for spirituality is genuine humility; and not the sort of pre-packaged version of humility that our ego tends to generate, but the real thing.

    Real humility looks something like this: “I do not have a clue what I am doing. Everything I have done in my life has been foolishness and empty of life and meaning. I am nothing more than a hypocrite—a painted corpse waiting to be burned. I have no ability to get what I need for myself. I am doomed to utter failure as a human being unless God helps me.”

    This kind of experience with humility is something most of us are not yet ready for. We are still clinging to our belief in our ego’s power to get us what we do not have, and what our ego has never provided for us in our entire life.

    This brings us to the last point:
    To have the humility needed to go on a significant quest, we must come to the end of our ego-self. We must see ourselves fail spectacularly. We must see ourselves as a complete loser. 

    Now you know why there is so little spirituality in the world.

    But there is some spirituality in the world, and it is found in those with true humility.


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