The Story of Adam and Eve

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Once upon a time…

There were dual aspects of the human psyche that lived in a state of absolute harmony with each other and, thus, also with their surroundings. These two aspects were named: Adam and Eve.

  • Adam – the aspect of the psyche we associate with the masculine principle, which includes the Will, instinctual desires, the deductive mind, and cognition.
  • Eve – the aspect of our psyche associated with the feminine principle, which includes the Conscience, emotions, intuition, and memories.

Well, as it happens, there was a very subtle aspect of the human psyche that kind of subtly crept up on our happy human psyche. This aspect of our psyche is what we now commonly refer to as the Ego. It is tasked with constantly working to identify who we are. It must do this work constantly because each event we experience changes us in some way, so our ego is kept very busy trying to determine who we are now.

This Ego aspect of our psyche is not inherently a destructive thing, but when it becomes driven by fear (which we in this story have named Satan), it renders us in opposition to our own providential unconscious mind (who we call God). 

Allow me to back up a bit and tell you how the circumstances in which this species-altering run-in with a fear-driven Ego unfolded.

In the beginning of our species’ existence, our unconscious mind directed us to not feed on the knowledge of right and wrong (good and evil). This data on good and evil was not in itself a bad thing, but our unconscious mind (God) knew that our species would not be able to handle this knowledge. Our providential unconscious mind knew that with this knowledge about right and wrong, we would become burdened under a performance-based-acceptance approach to life, and this, in turn, would render us highly dysfunctional – we would die, in a manner of speaking.

Well, our species did begin to gather and process this information about good and evil; and sure enough, we began to experience fear that we were evil. The serpent-like Ego in us became afraid that we were evil because we did evil; we made mistakes. And this sent us fleeing from the face of our inner natural sense of who we are – the SELF, which is an aspect of our unconscious mind.

You see, with this new fixation on good and evil, we began to fear that the discrepancy between our SELF and the person we had become (as a result of our mistakes) would place us in the category of evil things. Interestingly enough, it was the Conscience, Eve (the evaluative aspect of our psyche), which was seduced by this fixation with the knowledge of good and evil.

Yet, when our conscience became seduced, Adam, our Will (our psyche’s sense of what we need/want), went along with our conscience/Eve, not having ever had any reason to be in disharmony with her. Thus, in embracing this fixation with the knowledge of good and evil, our species suffered a massive emotional wound to its relationship with its unconscious mind (God). We became afraid of our unconscious mind, which had once been seen as always providential before this fall from harmony.

And ever since, in order to ward off all contact with our unconscious mind, our species either attempts to suppress the unconscious (which of course only induces our unconscious mind to speak up louder), or we attempt to control it with our Ego-driven fixation with the rules, which are now poisoned by our performance-based-acceptance approach to life.

Often, these rules we try to impose on our unconscious mind (God) take the form of magical thinking. But all civilized humans have come to believe in a delusion: that we can govern our human behavior with a set of rules/laws/principles. Further, all civilized humans have come to fear our unconscious mind as the origin of compulsions and obsessions and guilt and neurosis, which is nonsense. The origin of all of those dysfunctional behaviors is the fear-driven Ego.

Ever since Adam and Eve embraced a fixation with the knowledge of good and evil, causing our species to suffer a massive emotional wound to its relationship with its unconscious mind (God), our unconscious mind/God has appeared to our species as this threatening, dangerous force that is looking for the chance to end us. However, the compulsions, obsessions, guilt, and neurotic behavior in our lives are really our providential unconscious mind/God attempting to restore harmony to our psyche.

We say that God is love, but we really do not perceive our unconscious mind/God this way. In fact, we are incapable of resolving the confusion caused by our fear-driven Ego over the discrepancy between our SELF and the person we have become. This confusion is what we know as guilt. Simply saying, “guilt is evil” only adds to the problem, as we are continuing to feed on our egotistical fixation with good and evil when we do that.

This is why our species is so dysfunctional and incapable of learning from its past choices: we remain tyrannized by our fear-driven Ego and afraid of our unconscious mind.


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