About Us

Depth Of View Publishing is not in business primarily to make money. It is in business to make the best of books ever published.
Our Goal
We do not want to only publish books that ask life’s deeper questions, but answers them as well.
We want you to stop after reading a page because you are savoring the marvelous insight you just encountered, and we want it to happen a lot.
We want to make you laugh at your self and the human condition that we are all living out and, while doing that, learn some life-changing ideas.
Meaningful Life
Depth Of View wants to feed your soul the deepest truths of all, the realities that will shape the rest of your life and lead you to the realization of your own life’s natural meaning and purpose.
We desire to see real healing come to those who read our books, and not simply leave readers more educated. We expect to see resolution of fears and the dissolving of the lies that bind our souls in meaningless existence.
Celebration of Culture
We long to celebrate the fabulous beauty and spiritual brilliance of every culture through a very serious analysis of the sacred texts and celebrated works of those cultures.
Remarkable Authors
We want to introduce you to some remarkable people who happen to also be remarkable authors.