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We ship orders via the USPS's Priority Mail Flat Rate service. The benefit to our customers is that these Flat Rate Envelopes and Boxes have a predetermined price, which does not change based on the weight of the shipment.

For example, two books will fit in a Flat Rate Envelope and cost the same as a shipment containing only one book.  Further, orders of three to twelve books will fit into a Medium Flat Rate Box and orders of thirteen to twenty-four books will fit into a Large Flat Rate Box.

Also, Depth Of View Publishing does not tack on a handling fee to our orders, and we pass on our shipping discounts to our customers.

Upcoming Books

Jerusalem Poems: Holding onto the Promise in the City of Blood

Jerusalem Poems follows the potent, poetic voice of Ilana Haley through her amazing poetic landscape into significant psychological and spiritual realities. This is a book that at once reminds us of our life’s greatest meaning and purpose, and reveals the conflicts that stand between us and that promise. There is a depth of description given both of these spiritual elements that will genuinely surprise and powerfully move you.

How to Rationalize Complete Selfishness as Integrity: The Art of Artifice – Or the Hypocrite's Guide to Re-packaging their Dung

Also planned is a C.S. Lewis-like book by the renowned and fictitious self-help author, Reficul Natas. 

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